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Preventing and Managing Homesickness

Many students coming to ASU from out of state experience homesickness at some point. Some students miss family and friends at home as soon as they arrive on campus, whereas others don’t experience these feelings until later in the semester. If you happen to find yourself missing loved ones at home, here’s how to get through it:

  1. Focus on what’s good – Remind yourself why you came to ASU, think about the amazing opportunities that are available here, and imagine how great it will be to enjoy a warm winter in sunny Arizona.
  2. Make ASU your second home – Explore the area, learn about your new environment, find fun things to do, make friends, and get involved in the campus community.
  3. Recognize your feelings are normal – If you find yourself missing home, know that you won’t be the only one feeling that way. In a recent survey of ASU sophomores and juniors, 81% of out-of-state students indicated that they felt homesick at some point during their first semester at ASU. They were able to get through it, and so can you!
  4. Be kind to yourself – It’s okay to miss loved ones at home. In that same survey of ASU sophomores and juniors, out-of-state students rated missing family and/or friends at home as the #1 challenge they faced as freshmen. It’s a natural part of most students’ experience of going away to college. Don’t be hard on yourself.
  5. Find healthy ways to cope – Exercise at the Sun Devil Fitness Complex, hike “A” Mountain, and utilize the tips and resources from ASU Wellness.
  6. Take a gradual approach – Some freshmen make close friends and feel at home at ASU right away (especially if they follow the tips on the Making Friends and Getting Involved pages of this site!). For others, it takes time. Be patient, and stay with it. If you find yourself feeling homesick, don’t expect those feelings to go away overnight. For many people, it takes a sustained effort to overcome homesickness.
  7. Maintain a connection to home, without going overboard – Utilize technology to stay in contact with loved ones, while allowing time to build new connections on campus.
  8. Seek support – Talk to other freshmen about what you’re feeling, meet with your Student Success Coach, visit your Community Assistant or other staff in your residence hall, talk to your academic advisor or go to your professor’s office hours. Support is also available from ASU Counseling Services. You’ll find that there are many individuals on campus who care about you and who want to see you enjoy your ASU experience.