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Tips for First-Generation Students

Game Changing Tips for First-Generation Freshmen at ASU

  1. Remember, you’re not alone. Almost 40 percent of ASU students are the first in their families to go to college. Also, many faculty and staff at ASU (even President Michael Crow) are also first-generation. They know what you’re going through.

  2. Connect with your coach. Success coaches have the insider tips to ensure you’re set up for a path of success. Schedule an appointment with your coach by calling us at 480-965-3289.

  3. Build your dream team. Challenge yourself to find at least three people you don’t know this semester (peers AND faculty and staff). Introduce yourself, share with them your dreams and find out what they have done to be successful.

  4. Practice makes perfect. Successful people don’t just rely on talent alone - they practice, ask for help, get coaching and they constantly prepare for success. Whether it’s using tutoring or going to faculty office hours, ASU has lots of resources and support systems for you.

  5. Try and try again. Let’s face it, college can be challenging. When times get tough, think about what got you here, where you want to go and keep at it.