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Transfer Coaches


Amber Layne, VIP Transfer Success Coach 

Name: Amber 
Hometown: Tucson, AZ
Major: Higher and Postsecondary Education
College: Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College
Year in School: Graduate Student
Interesting fact about me: I watch a lot of Jeopardy!
Career Goals: I will be a Director of a Disability Resource Center at a college or university.
Extra-Curricular Activities: No Mas Muertes/No More Deaths Outreach Officer; Higher Education Student Association Director of Social Engagement.
Why I wanted to be a success coach: Partnering with fellow ASU students to help them make the most of their time here (no matter what they want that time to look like!) is a special way to give back to the community.
Advice for being successful at ASU: Drink your water, use a planner, and meet with your success coach!

Daniel Furnish, Success Coach

Name: Daniel 
Hometown: Sheridan, Wyoming
Major: Justice Studies - Immigration and Human Rights
College: College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Year in School: Graduate Student
Interesting fact about me: I was once a champion pig wrestler (really, I have the trophy to prove it!)
Career Goals: NGO direct services work with migrants and/or immigration policy advisement
Extra-Curricular Activities: I play sand volleyball, am on the Planning Committee for Local to Global Justice and a member of the Association of Borderlands Studies at ASU, and own my own private art studio called Abraxas Studios
Why I wanted to be a success coach: I had a LOT of help finishing my undergraduate work as a transfer student and couldn't have done it so well otherwise. I would love to pay that forward!
Advice for being successful at ASU: Being a transfer student means you're probably really busy with a short time to get everything done... get organized, go to office hours, and don't be afraid to ask questions (chances are someone else has the same question)!